Need A New Logo Design?

Logo design is usually one of the most important elements in a branding campaign. Logos can be created using many methods. Unfortunately, most of those methods are incorrect. Our logo designers are great artists, but there also highly trained in the most sophisticated logo design software available. If not designed in the proper software, a logo file may be restricted to only certain types of uses.

When we provide you with your final logo files, we give you a variety of formats that will be needed for future use of the logo and growth of your business. Many types of printing, embroidery and marketing materials will require different formats. We make sure you have everything you need, so you never have to worry about someone not accepting your logo.

logo-sample-1 logo-sample-2

Logo Design Process:

Our logo designs are created by “real artists”.

1. You will thoroughly share your ideas with us.

2. We’ll provide you with the specified number of pencil sketches in your agreement

3. Sketches will be followed by revised versions of your favorites all the way until project completion.