What is CanoCreative?

CanoCreative is a company that takes pride in making companies always look their best for their customers.We work with clients of all size, but our real pride is working with small to midsize businesses that have an ineffective or no branding presence at all in their industry.

It’s funny… A few of our clients have used the exact same expression to show gratitude to us. I’ve heard them say, I love how you make me look like a million dollar company! That always lets us know we’re doing the right things and being appreciated for it.

Our Clients

Our business model is one of more exclusivity. We’re not aiming to take on just any client. Especially, in the realm of search optimization. As we mentioned, we really strive for superior quality.

Handling just the right amount of clients allows us to focus more on our clients in detail allowing us to produce a higher level of overall quality. Speak with a project manager about your marketing needs and we can determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Our Clients Include:

The Weston Town Center

Jack’s Junk Removal

Leslie’s Salon

The Final Chapter

Sullivan Barrera

FinishLine Car Wash

Regal Vapor

Rocky’s Pest Control

CFB (Cops & Firefighters in Business)

Earth Care Pro

GBO (Givebackone.com)

Aspen Customs

Cooper City Foot & Ankle

Garage Door Depot

Jersey John’s Pizzeria

PJ’s Barber Shop

Sunshine Vending & Repair

Venetian Nail Spas

H&R Car Wash

FAN (Florida Academy Of Nursing)

VIP Cuts

Holy City Church

Zimmerman Auto Brokers

Alpha Lock & Key

UEC (United Electronics Corp)

Big Green Men

Oh My Gaudio’s Cakes

CED Electrical

Hyper Ink Studios

Fish Whistle

Genesis J.I.T

United Home Healthcare

Snack Attack Vending